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Overall, how am I doing?

What is my portfolio’s return?

What am I invested in?

How does my financial advisor measure up? How do my returns compare to those of other investors like myself?

Am I paying too much in fees?

How can my portfolio be improved?

Overall, how am I doing?

DigitalAdvice.com makes it painless to see how you are doing with our Portfolio Report Card.

The Overall Portfolio grade distills the quality of your portfolio into a single score.

Specific grades on Performance, Asset Allocation, and Fees provide additional insight for investors who want to understand their portfolios more deeply.

Commentary explains the rationale for each grade and directs you to personalized advice to help you address any issues.
Like a school report card, your portfolio’s grades make it easy to understand where your portfolio is doing well and where it can be improved.
What is my portfolio’s return?
DigitalAdvice.com provides accurate, institutional-quality performance reporting.
Our performance calculations are driven by users’ fully reconciled, 100% accurate investing transactions. By using only the highest quality data available, we derive the most precise performance measurements for your portfolio.

Accurate performance calculations are crucial for monitoring your advisor and the success of your portfolio.

Most personal finance sites use inaccurate estimates to provide performance returns, and their calculations can be off considerably.
Portfolio performance is the single most important metric that drives your ability to achieve your financial goals. DigitalAdvice.com ensures your performance reporting is always accurate and complete.
What am I invested in?
DigitalAdvice.com brings all your accounts together in one place, making it easy to see what you own.
Automatically updates all your accounts and position balances daily

Run a consolidated report on your entire portfolio for a holistic view of all your holdings, market values, and performance, or run reports on specific accounts to see them individually

Break down your equity investments by market capitalization, style, sector, and geography

Analyze your fixed income holdings by type, credit quality, duration, and geography

How does my financial advisor measure up? How do my returns compare to those of other investors like myself?
DigitalAdvice.com helps you understand how competent your financial advisor is by comparing your portfolio’s performance, fees, and risk metrics with other similar investors.

We use comparisons to other similar, anonymous investors to provide a frame of reference to evaluate your returns.

“Is a 5% return good?”
If similar investors averaged 3%, your return is 67% above average (strong return!).

However, if they averaged 10%, your return is 50% below average (poor return!).

DigitalAdvice.com provides context so you can determine if your portfolio’s performance is good or bad and how you can improve it.
Am I paying too much in fees?
Fees are one of the largest drivers of your portfolio’s performance. DigitalAdvice.com calculates the fees you are paying to your financial advisor and your mutual funds and advises you if you are being overcharged.

If your advisor is charging you more than your peers pay and your returns are lower, it may be time to look for a new advisor.

If your mutual funds charge high fees but provide mediocre returns, we will alert you and suggest more cost-effective alternatives.
How can my portfolio be improved?

DigitalAdvice.com makes it easy to improve your investments’ performance by providing actionable advice to improve your portfolio.
Are your equities allocated appropriately by asset class, market cap, style, sector, and geography? Are your fixed income investments apportioned properly across bond type, credit quality, and duration?
DigitalAdvice.com’s Portfolio Checkup identifies problems that threaten your accounts’ performance and risk your capital. We automatically recommend fixes and practical next steps to improve your return on investment (ROI).
All our advice is unbiased and independent, specifically customized for you by our team of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) and Certified Financial Planners (CFPs). We do not have the conflicts of interest that are common amongst investment advisors. We do not earn commissions when you trade or charge you more based on what you invest in.

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