Month: September 2018

Posted on September 30, 2018

Here at Backend Benchmarking we have been closely following the robo advice industry for over two years.  Our project started by opening accounts at the largest robo advice providers so we could track their performance, trading, and other activities.  Since the project first started, we have grown to track more than 50 accounts across the industry and have become the only comprehensive provider of performance on different robo advice platforms. Our results are published quarterly in The Robo Report™.  Most recently, we expanded our project to also rate the services, customer experience, financial planning, and other features of the robo advice providers. These qualitative features, combined with performance and other quantitative features, were recently released our first ever Robo Ranking™.  Throughout the process of ranking the robos, we took a deep dive into each platform. While full ranking results can be found at, our thoughts on some of the largest players in the robo advice marketplace can be found below.

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